Website / Forum Policies:
  1. This website is a work in progress software.
  2. The primary goal of this website is to provide a medium to maintain and share the events, celebrations, members information, job notifications, matrimonial information (if any), over a period of time of aaramadravida group.
  3. Any political, opiniated, contradictory, personal benefical information is not entertained in this website.
  4. Any kind of personal information (mobile number, email, date of birth or any kind of personal information) is not shared, until and unless accepted by corresponding member.
  5. This website is a non-profit & non-commerical platform for all the group members.
Contact persons :
For administration & other queries please reach to: ఆకొండి సూర్యనారాయణ.
For any kind of content updates & postings in this website: తాతపూడి కీర్తి
For any technical suggestions & web site related queries: చర్ల సంజీవరావు